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Outram Bio presents at SingHealth Duke-NUS AMRI Research Grand Rounds

Looking to translate your scientific breakthrough into the clinic? Thinking of starting a company based on your life's research? Wondering how to form the right team and attract capital from investors?

These are some of the questions that Outram Bio addressed in a webinar entitled "Practical steps towards commercializing research", organized by SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medicine Research Institute (AMRI). Every two months, AMRI invites selected thought leaders, researchers and collaborators to present at its Research Grand Rounds to share their perspectives or showcase their achievements with the biomedical community.

At the April 2023 event, Chris and Choon discussed three key ingredients for successful commercialization—science, capital and team—with practical examples for each category, based on their respective experiences as an investor and an entrepreneur. They also shared obstacles that they encountered along the way, how it led them to form Outram Bio, and where they look to make an impact in the Singapore biotech ecosystem.

Over 200 participants attended the event, and Charlotte was on hand to moderate a lively Q&A session that encompassed topics such as:

  • finding the "right" investors for your startup

  • dealing with potential conflicts of interest

  • enhancing credibility within the scientific community

  • driving R&D towards specific milestones

Special thanks to Ms. Enny Kiesworo and Dr. John Coe for inviting Outram Bio to present at this event.


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