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Two national appointments for Outram Bio partner Choon Peng Ng

NHIC and NMRC appointments reflect Choon's years of relevant experience, extensive network and continued dedication towards building Singapore's biotechnology industry.

Choon Peng Ng at the lab

We are delighted to announce that Choon Peng Ng, partner and co-founder at Outram Bio, has been appointed to the National Medical Research Council’s (NMRC) Clinical Trial Infrastructure Review Panel. In addition, Choon will also be appointed to the National Health Innovation Centre’s (NHIC) Board Oversight Committee starting January 2024.

NMRC supports the development and advancement of medical research in Singapore, and has a mandate from the Ministry of Health to help drive translational and clinical research in areas where Singapore has great potential. Since its inception, NMRC has built up Singapore’s medical research capabilities through the funding of more than 1,100 individual research projects and 13 national research programs.

NHIC is a nationally-appointed program office that works with public health institutions across Singapore to identify and commercialize promising clinical innovations. By catalyzing the translation of medical innovations, providing grant funding and making connections to industry partners, NHIC helps accelerate research towards the clinic, for healthcare and economic impact in Singapore and beyond.

These appointments reflect Choon’s extensive networks within the biopharma industry, many years of relevant experience in both the public and private sectors, and his continued dedication to building up Singapore’s biotech ecosystem. Congratulations, Choon!


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