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Venturing into Life

to undertake a daring journey, even if it involves risks

Outram Bio backs adventurous scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs working to make an impact in patients' lives.


Founded by veteran entrepreneurs and investors, we understand the unique challenges that life sciences and healthcare startups face. From securing funding to navigating regulatory hurdles, we support founders with bold capital, superior talent, and a global network to help overcome obstacles and drive commercial success.


At Outram Bio, we believe that good science transcends geographical boundaries, and international cooperation will help revolutionize medicine and improve lives worldwide.

Your partner from the beginning

Climbing gear for hiking on rustic wooden boards


We take the time to understand the science, provide feedback, and develop the conviction necessary to be the first and/or lead investor in your company.

Group Hike


We work closely with you to identify scientific, clinical and commercial talent to augment the team and progress your research towards the clinic.

Helping Hand


We connect you with our network of advisors to build awareness, foster collaborations, and help propel your company into the global biotech ecosystem.

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